RedBot Innovations provides machine vision, computer vision and image processing turnkey solutions with an intent to help manufacturing organisations improve their quality inspection processes.

Our aim is to provide high value addition to manufacturing process like surface defect inspection, presence /absence of parts, total products count and many more. The technology reduces cost of production at all levels, at the same time reducing human errors.

Why machine vision is required!!

Today the industrial production of goods is subject to strong international competition. Increasing quality requirements and falling prices had the consequence that the production processes had to be optimised and that parts must be checked preferably by 100% while the production speeds rise. Industrial machine vision provides the most effective and economical solutions for these problems: like Traditional quality analysis that involves manual check is more prone to human errors.

How our technology helps you:

1. 100% quality control. Guaranteed quality is a decisive buying and pricing point towards your customers.

2. 100% machine utilisation.

3. production gets more efficient and economical.

4. Reduces workload on human resources.

5. Flexible systems allow for a very fast conversion of the production.

6. Changeover times are minimised.

7. Your delivery reliability increases. Downtime at your customers is prevented in this way.

8. Our vision based quality systems are preffered more so by manufacturing companies as quality products, especially "export" oriented products can be improved.

Our solutions are apt for organisations across multiple sectors such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, electronics, semiconductor, solar, food processing, logistics and many others

We support ‘’Make in India’’ initiative by enabling Indian manufacturers to achieve 100% quality inspection and thereby compete on global level by adhering to world-class quality levels

We deliver highly customised automated vision solutions using computer vision and image processing algorithms in conjunction with machine vision technology.

Our expertise in computer vision algorithms creates a robust automation system to increase system efficiency.

Our image processing tools based on mathematical models will assist to develop customised software solutions.

About Us

Machine Vision is the ability of the computer to see, process and take decisions based on a image that receives. Here we, the RedBot Innovations with the art of computer vision, vision sensors,vision software, robotics makes your production system to understand the production quality and production errors thereby lowering manufacturing costs. With the latest state of art Computer vision Technology, we tries to provide the vision solutions those even the Human eye can’t detect with a great accuracy at an affordable price. Our motto is to achieve 100% accuracy in production lines.

At RedBot Innovations we are highly passionate about delivering high precision quality inspection solutions using computer vision, machine vision and image processing. RedBot Innovations is headquartered in Bangalore and has a team of specialists who are adept in latest vision technologies.

As our organisational philosophy we have adopted consultative approach and focus upon developing bespoke solutions that cater to each customer’s specific needs. Our endeavour is to make our clients globally competitive and productive.

Our Expertise

Machine Vision

Computer Vision

Image Processing

Robotics and Machine Guidance

Industrial Automation

Customised Inspection Systems

Industry Solutions

  • 1. Assemply Inspection
  • 2. Weld Inspection
  • 3. 3D Measurement
  • 4. Pattern Matching
  • 5. Surface Defects
  • 6. Sorting
  • 1. Lebel Inspection
  • 2. Blister Pack Inspection
  • 3. Liquid Level Inspection
  • 4. Contamination Check
  • 5. Optical Charector Reading
  • 6. Lotion Tube Tamper Proof Seal Chek
  • 1. Fruits and Vegetables Grade Inspection
  • 2. Seed Quality Inspection
  • 3. Assemply Inspection
  • 4. Seed Packaging Inspection
  • 5. Fruit Sorting based on Quality
  • 1. Micro Crack Inspection
  • 2. Crystal Fraction Inspection
  • 3. Texture Inspection
  • 4. Coating Inspection
  • 5. Print Inspection
  • 6. String and Lamination Inspection
  • 1. Contamination Check
  • 2. Liquid Level Inspection
  • 3. Cap and Seal detection
  • 4. Bottle defect Check
  • 5. Label and Print Reading
  • 6. Bottle Counting
  • 1. PCB Inspection
  • 2. 3D Solder Inspection
  • 3. Electronic Assemply Inspection
  • 4. Wafer and Mask Inspection
  • 5. Foam Leak Inspection
  • 6. Electtronic Switch Aseembly Inspection
  • 1. Lot Code and lebelling Varification
  • 2. Seal Integrity Inspection
  • 3. Electronic Assemply Inspection
  • 4. Wafer and Mask Inspection
  • 5. Foam Leak Inspection
  • 6. Electtronic Switch Aseembly Inspection
  • 1. Print Overlap Inspection
  • 2. Embossing Inspection
  • 3. Punch Orientation Inspection
  • 4. Uneven Print Inspection
  • 5. Color Verification
  • 6. Bleeding and Stains Inspection